#GetBright Summer Health Webinar Series

Grow Your Brightest Self!
8 Sessions for Self-Care through the Summer

Join our world-class energy and mindfulness trainers as they share the secrets of brightness, happiness and inner peace!


Develop your health & personal growth!

We’ll deliver our best trainers to you in 8 great sessions - live online in the comfort of your home. You’ll experience a different aspect of your self-care and wellness in each of the webinars, so that you can grow your physical health, your emotional balance and your overall brightness with each session.  And, you’ll have the unique opportunity to follow-up with your favorite trainer, if you want to.

We’re sure you’ll love this program, and so will your friends and family - please share the invitation!

Session 1

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Dariana Trana

Transforma Tu Energia
(Webinar in Spanish)

Duration: 2 hours

What you’ll learn: Dariana will show you how to transform your energy through mindful movement and meditation. As you follow her guidance during this webinar, you’ll experience how you can relax your nervous system by using energy to connect your body and mind. Learn to create your own inner calm.

How you’ll benefit: Better mind-body communication, less stress, more calm for facing life’s challenges.

About the trainer: Dariana Trana has been studying and teaching Body & Brain for over 4 years. Through her practice, Dariana found that Body & Brain energy practices helped her to manage her severe anxiety. Dariana was born and raised in Nicaragua and is passionate about sharing Body & Brain’s invaluable tools to the Hispanic community. She is now the Manager at Body & Brain in Coral Gables, FL. 

Connect with Yourself

Session 2

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Cat Sawai

How to Avoid “Burning Out”

Duration: 1.5 hours

What you’ll learn: Join Cat as she shows you how to manage your stress levels throughout the day.  She’ll explain how to understand stress, how it can affect your physical and emotional condition, and what you can do about it.  You’ll get to practice some simple exercises to help release body tension and energy blockages. Cat will also share methods to help you manage stress when you notice it accumulating in daily life.

How you’ll benefit: Gain practical tools for managing your stress and addressing troublesome symptoms of stress.

About the trainer: Cat Sawai is Manager of the Body & Brain center in Aiea, Hawai’i.  She has practiced Body & Brain since 2009, and is an experienced trainer in physical fitness and martial arts.  Based upon her life experiences, Cat believes that stress management is one of the keys to living a healthy and happy life.

Manage Your Stress

Session 3

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Brian Huff

Being Present with Your Inner Peace – Practicing Basic Tai Chi and Qigong for Mindfulness

Duration: 1.5 hours

What you’ll learn: Brian will lead you through some basic Tai Chi and Qigong moves to help you calm your mind and bring your awareness to the present. More than just graceful physical exercise, Tai Chi (the natural balance of energy) and Qigong (the study of energy) can be great forms of meditation.

How you’ll benefit: Improve circulation and balance; develop focus, mindfulness, inner peace. 

About the trainer: Brian Huff is Assistant Regional Manager for Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi in Georgia. He has over 14 years of experience as a Yoga and Qigong master and Brain Education © (mindfulness) instructor and coach. In the local community, Brian delivers wellness and stress reduction workshops to corporations, schools and at health-oriented events. Brian is passionate about health and wellness, and has devoted his life to helping others lead healthy, happy and peaceful lives.

Create Inner Peace

Session 4

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Danielle Gaudette

Intro to Emotional Self-Mastery

Duration: 2 hours

What you’ll learn: Danielle will guide you through the basics of emotional self-care, with a combination of lecture and exercises for you to try.  You’ll explore your relationship with yourself, and learn some of the tools that can help with managing your emotions.

How you’ll benefit: Gain practical skills for self-management and self-healing that can improve the quality of your life.  Feel healthier and happier from the inside. 

About the trainer: Danielle Gaudette is Regional Manager of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi in the State of Washington, and has taught for over 18 years. In 2015 she was voted Seattle’s “Yoga Teacher of the Year." Her spiritual name, "Johwatong", means “one who creates harmonious connection.” She brings a huge heart and plenty of personal experience to help you heal yourself from a place of authenticity and compassion.

Learn to Love Yourself

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Courtney Lindop

The Art of Decision Making

Duration: 1 hour

What you’ll learn: Courtney will help you understand how to make decisions and take action by asking your higher self. Through lecture, gentle tapping exercises and guided meditation, you’ll experience how Truth and true answers resonate inside. Practice discerning between your head, heart and gut to access those answers and discover what it is you truly want.

How you’ll benefit: You'll gain tools for accessing your intuition and for asking and receiving guidance from your higher self. Build trust and connection with yourself to develop and manifest your best life.

About the trainer: Before becoming an instructor and manager of the Brookline Body & Brain center in Massachusetts, Courtney developed her sensitivity while working with animals. Her Scottish heritage gave her an appreciation of loyalty and respect for Nature. For the past seven years she has been sharing Body & Brain methods for self-healing, working especially to help people with depression and anxiety. Courtney uses simple mind/body exercises to help students feel more grounded, along with emotional mapping techniques to help release and refresh long held emotions and patterns.

Choose Your Best Life

Session 6

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Michelle Moon

How to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotional Energy

Duration: 1.5 hours.

What you’ll learn: Michelle will guide you to examine your most troubling emotions in a way you may not have considered – as energy. Through lecture and simple exercises, she’ll help you understand the roots of difficult emotional energies, so you can learn how to deal with them in a mindful, authentic way.  Learn how to sincerely accept, express and release the energy of difficult emotions.

How you’ll benefit: Grow your self-awareness and become the owner of your emotions.

About the trainer: Michelle Moon is a master of ancient energy practices. For over 20 years, she has been teaching Chakra meditation and Eastern self-healing methods rooted in the principles of Tao. She is certified as a Brain Education © trainer with the International Brain Education Association (IBREA). She is currently the director of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi centers for the Northern LA Region.

Master Your Emotions

Session 7

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Johnathan Martinez

Energy Breathing

Duration: 2 hours

What you’ll learn: Take a guided tour of the breathing process with Johnathan, and experience feeling revitalized through energy (Qi) breathing. Learn how your breathing is essential for energy circulation as you awaken your energy sense.

How you’ll benefit: Breathe with the self-healing power of energy to feel more alert, refreshed and revitalized.

About the trainer: Johnathan Martinez is Body & Brain Assistant Regional Manager in Westchester, New York. With a foundation based in martial arts, boxing, athletics, dance, and art, Johnathan brings a broad spectrum of knowledge to his teaching. He is a skilled agent of change who can help you build the groundwork to manifest your true potential in life.

Breathe With Energy

Session 8

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Brian Korbelik

Qigong for Peace & Power

Duration: 1.5 hours

What you’ll learn: Follow along as Brian shares the basic principles of Qigong (“the study of energy”), along with some tips for daily living based on this ancient practice. As he guides you through a simple Qigong form, you’ll experience heightened awareness of your body alignment and balance.

How you’ll benefit: Practice daily, and you’ll feel more centered and calm, with increased vitality and power. 

About the trainer: Brian Korbelik has been practicing and teaching mindfulness exercises for the past 12 years. Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi helped him deal with high anxiety and stress after many other methods failed. He is currently the Regional Manager of the Body & Brain Yoga Centers in Oregon.

Practice the Art of Qigong

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